Can you cook pierogies in air fryer?  Yes! It is possible to cook Mrs. T’s frozen pierogies in air fryer. Air-frying is the most efficient method of cooking frozen pierogies. We’ll give you the most effective tips and tricks, cooking time and temperature of the air fryer pierogies and nutrition details in this comprehensive guide to everything about pierogi!

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Air Fryer Pierogies are delicious crisp on the outside, and the inside is nice and soft. They’re also ready in 10-15 minutes, or even less.

There is no need to boil or defrost the frozen perogi either! Simply rub them or spray them with oil, then put them in the air fryer, and cook them. Simple and easy.

Air Fryer Pierogies are great to serve as a filling side dish or as a snack with your preferred dip sauce.
I am a huge fan of pierogies. I can remember the first time I eat them in my childhood friend Jimmy’s home. Her mother made them as part of a delicious traditional meal.

My husband and I first introduced him to them a few years ago, frozen pierogies in air fryer are a staple on our menu. Perogy are so simple, delicious, and always an absolute family-friendly hit.


pierogi are tiny pillows of European dumpling, which is filled with either sweet or savory fillings. when i first saw these delicious dumplings in the frozen food section at my local grocery store, i was so eager to try them at home in my air fryer.

The pierogies i tried consisted of cheese and potatoes however, they had plenty of flavor. they also sell frozen pierogies, which are stuffed with other ingredients like sauerkraut, cheddar, beef and onions. i prefer kasia’s brand, and they crisp perfectly in the air fryer.

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What countries are pierogies from?

Pierogies are a classic dumpling that is popular by people across Central European and Eastern European countries. They are widely consumed throughout Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Belarus, Slovakia, Germany, Lithuania and many more. They are also popular throughout Canada, United States and UK, originally brought by immigrants community members long before.

What are other names for pierogies?

Pierogies can be found under various other names like perogie, perogy and perogi. pirogi, pirogy and pierogi ruskie. They also called pirohy and pyrohy, as well as varenyky and vareniki. Whatever they’re called I’m sure you’ll be able to enjoy them!


  • Easy and quick: It’s perfect for a quick and easy weeknight dinner or snack since they’re cooked in just 10 minutes.
  • Very crispy: They crisp perfectly for in the air fryer.
  • Healthier: Air-frying them implies they are less in calories as they are not deep-fried.
  • Kid-friendly: Kids big and small adore them!
  • Cheap and affordable: Just grab that cheap package from the freezer section the next time you shop.
  • Clean-up is minimal: It is not necessary to take out any pans or pots to prepare this recipe. You just need the air fryer basket.
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For this recipe, you’ll need an air fryer. Air fryers are tiny convection oven that makes use of dry heat to cook food on every surface simultaneously.

It is important to note that the smaller air fryers might have a lower cooking time. This is due to the fact that food that is cooked in the basket or tray is placed all of its time near to the heating element. Also, if your air fryer is smaller, you might need to cook the pierogies in multiple batches.


Here’s the list of basic ingredients that you need to make frozen pierogies in air fryer:

  • Box of frozen pierogies: You’ll require approximately 1 pound of frozen pierogies. The average bag contains around 12 pieces.
  • Olive oil
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I use frozen mini pierogies as well as larger pierogis. Most of the time, I use Mrs. T’s pierogies. However, any frozen pierogi, like Kasia’s will work. You can find Mrs. T’s pierogies on your local grocery shop or online.

Any frozen pierogies brand can be used here. Pick the ones you like the most.


To cook frozen pierogies in air fryer start by evenly placing them in the basket of the air fryer. Make sure they are not being stacked or overlapping so that they cook evenly when air frying. Cook in batches, if needed.

It is possible to use cooking oil spray, add olive oil with a brush or toss to coat, covering the entire surface of each pierogi. This makes pierogies crisper and prevents them from sticking to the basket. After they have been lightly coated in olive oil cook them at 400°F for 10 minutes until they are crisp and golden texture. Flip them halfway through the cooking.

coat pierogies with olive oil


To evenly coat the pierogies with oil, brush each piece with oil or use your fingers to ensure that each piece is completely coated.

Make sure that the pierogies are placed in a single layer inside the basket of your air fryer. If they are overlapping the steam may be too much and become wet. It is possible to cook in batches to get the most optimal outcomes.

Like ovens, air fryers also offer different variations in time and temperature. It is recommended to test your pierogies every 8 minutes to determine if they require more or less time to cook and adjust the cooking time until they’re cooked to the desired texture.

What to Serve with air fryer Pierogies

What to serve with air fryer pierogies? They are a great choice as potatoes in meat meal. I like to serve them with kielbasa and roast vegetables, steamed green vegetables or crisp onions.

There are a variety of delicious Air Fryer pierogies toppings or dipping sauces for pierogies:

  • Sauerkraut
  • Garlic butter
  • Sour cream
  • Plain Greek yogurt
  • Cheese Sauce
  • Melted Garlic Butter
  • Marinara sauce
  • Buffalo Dip
  • Salsa
serving suggestions of pierogies


Air Fryer Pierogies leftover can be stored in a sealed container within the fridge for up to 3-4 days. You can reheat them for about 1-2 minutes to warm them. Also, you can reheat pierogies with some oil in a skillet.

To get the most texture, I suggest only cooking frozen pierogies you’ll be eating during your meal. It is best to not refreeze pierogies once they’ve been thawed or cooked.


Since the pierogies have been frozen previously, refreezing is not advised.



There are a variety of great flavors to choose from, so pick the one that appeals to you.

The Cheese and Potato Pierogies are very popular among children and are a sure favorite if you aren’t able to choose.

Other varieties of frozen pierogies available within the freezer section usually include creamy potatoes and other ingredients. Find onion and potato, bacon and cheddar, spinach and feta or broccoli cheddar!

types of pierogies


The majority of air fryer baskets are non-stick, so if do not want to use oil, go without. But. the oil can help the pierogies to be crispy.

How Long Do you cook Frozen Pierogies in Air Fryer?

The cooking time for frozen pierogies is just 10 mins. We suggest a five-minute cook, followed by an air fryer basket shake, and then 5 minutes of cooking. It is also possible to make use of the time for the basket shake to determine if you require to spray any additional oil.

Are Mrs. T’s pierogies gluten-free?

The pierogies Mrs. T’s makes aren’t gluten-free. However, there are certain brands of gluten-free pierogies that you can purchase from the store. For instance, Feel Good Foods brand produces mini pierogies that are gluten-free.


Yes, you can cook the pierogies using any kind or version of air fryer.

Note that the smaller air fryers might have a lower cooking time and you might also need to cook the pierogies in multiple batches.

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air fryer pierogies

Air Fryer Pierogies are crisp and delicious! Learn how to cook using your air fryer with this simple recipe. Ideal for a simple appetizer or snack!
prep time
5 mins
cooking time
12 mins
total time
17 mins


  • Air fryer


  • 450g pack of frozen pierogies (approx 12)

  • 1 tbsp olive oil




Heat your air fryer in 400F


Place the frozen pierogies in the bowl and toss them with olive oil (use your hands to rub the oil to ensure that all pierogies are lightly coated).


Place the pierogies in the basket (don't let them overlap or stack) and cook them for 10-12 minutes at 400F until they have golden. Flip them in halfway through with tongs.


Serve them warm with your favorite toppings and enjoy!


  • If you prefer crispier pierogies, cook another two minutes, at 200C/400F. Also, spray with extra olive oil.
  • To make sure your meal is lower in calories, you can serve your pierogies with a small amount of non-fat Greek yogurt in place of butter, or sour cream. 
  • Make sure the pierogies are in one layer to ensure they cook evenly. cook them in small batches If necessary.
  • The exact cook time can vary among different models and brands of air fryers.