Air Fryer Scallops 

This is another delicious way of preparing scallops in the air fryer. Most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen, so you do not have to go out to buy more ingredients.

Air fryer Scallops recipe is an easy way to prepare a quick and impressive dinner. All you need are some easy-to-find ingredients, and you’re all set. This is a very scallops meal that the whole family will love.

If you avoid fish and other types of shellfish, you may still like scallops because its eye is firmer than most shellfish meat and its flavor is mild yet sweet. Scallops are rich in vitamin B12 and potassium.

Scallops buying tips:

The best scallops come from the top round, cut against the muscle fibers. Cutting against the grain ensures the thin scallops will not buckle when they hit the Air fryer heated pan.

If you are buying scallops for this air fryer scallops recipe, look for a smooth surface, which indicates they have been cut properly.

Fresh scallops should have a slightly sweet aroma and, when packaged, be practically free of liquid.

Scallops should be free of any black spots.

Look for scallops with a sweet smell and a fresh, moist sheen. Avoid any with a strong sulfur odor. Scallops can range in color from pale beige to creamy to orange. Avoid those that are stark white, a sign that they have been soaked in water as a marketing ploy to increase the weight.

Refrigerate shucked scallops immediately after purchase and use within 1 to 2 days.

scallops buying tips

Preparation Tips:

Scallops must be opened like oysters if purchased unshucked. Some sea scallops still have a small piece of tough connective tissue attached to one side, which should be pulled off and discarded. Scallops need only brief cooking. Overcooking or reheating cooked scallops will toughen them. The roe, if attached, can be cooked right along with the muscle. For the Air Fryer Scallops recipe, the large scallops should be sliced into smaller pieces.

Preparation tips of scallops


Once you leave the market, it is important to keep scallops cool and refrigerate it as soon as possible. At home, scallops should be rinsed under cool, running water, placed in a container, and covered with wet paper towels. Use scallops on the day of purchase, if possible especially for this air fryer scallops recipe, or the next day. Do not seal live scallops in a plastic bag. They need to breathe, so store them covered with wet paper towels. Use them as soon as possible after purchase. Shucked scallops that are refrigerated in the original container should stay fresh for a week. Plan to use commercially packaged frozen seafood stored in your freezer within 2 months for the best flavor.

Air Fryer Scallops Recipe Ingredients:

air fryer scallops recipe ingredients

How to cook scallops in air fryer?

For perfect Air Fryer scallops dish, you need to follow these directions after preparing it as I mention in the preparation tips:

Step1: In a large bowl brush the scallops with olive oil, then sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste (optional).

Step2: Place your scallops pieces into the air fryer once it’s heated to 390F, and then cook for two minutes. Flip and cook for an additional two minutes.

Step3: Serve with pasta, salad or roasted vegetables.

all directions you need to cook scallops in air fryer

Serving Suggestions:

Scallops are suitable for a variety of preparation methods, including sautéing, grilling, broiling, and poaching. They also are used in soups, stews, and salads. Scallops cook very quickly — about 1 to 3 minutes — and no scallop needs to cook longer than 6 to 8 minutes, no matter how large.

fried scallops with vegies



Ready In:




Good For:

Main Course


About Air Fryer Scallops


  • 8 scallops not frozen.
  • Light olive oil.
  • sea salt and pepper to taste (optional).

Nutrition Fact Of Scallops

Calories: 348

Total Fat: 29.8 g

Cholesterol: 27 mg

Sodium: 660 mg

Potassium: 260 mg

Carbohydrate: 4.6 g

Protein: 13.9 g

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Brush the scallops whit olive oil, then sprinkle with pepper and salt.

Step 2

Place scallops in the air fryer and cook at 390°F for 2 minutes for each side.

Step 3

Serve with pasta or salad if desired. and enjoy!

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