Author: F.Lorenzo

Air Fryer Pancakes

This morning I woke up and felt like pancakes, but I couldn’t be bothered with frying pans or flipping them, so I had an idea. An idea that turned out to be genius! Ever thought about making pancakes with an air fryer?...

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Air Fryer Chicken Breast

The Air Fryer chicken breast is the most effective way to create tender, juicy and perfectly spiced chicken breasts. This protein that is versatile is quick, simple and delicious! The Air Fryer chicken recipe is an alternative...

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Instant Pot Rice

Instant Pot Rice? Yes, it’s true! It is the best, sure-fire method to make soft rice that we know. If you’ve totally forgotten the fact that your Instant Pot is the best rice cooker, or you need a simple guide to...

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