Everybody loves seafood, right? These are the perfect instant pot fish recipes you can make. Enjoy it for dinner!

This instant pot fish recipes are the best if you are looking for a fish recipes that comes with a little kick with your instant pot.

Fishes are one of the healthy foods and a very healthy alternative to meats. Fish is rich in protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals. Fish is also low in calories and cholesterol which gets it the best food on the planet.

Cooking the fish recipes with your instant pot consider as the best manner cook fishes, because the instant pot ensures you to retain the most of nutrients and vitamins available in fishes.

Doctors and Nutritionists recommend eating fish at least two times a week. Salamon, shrimp, Mackerel, sardines… are excellent for healthy skin because they are filled in omega-3 fatty acids.

These recipes which I’ll share with you, for the most part, are quick and easy to prepare with your instant pot.

So, what’s a comfort fish dish I can make at home?

Let’s stop wasting time and let’s make delicious fish dishes that will impress all who try it.

Instant pot fish Recipes


If you want to enjoy original Japanese recipes, this is the perfect meal for you to prepare. this is the tastiest instant pot shrimp recipe you will ever prepare.

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This is a delicious salad that is perfect to make as a snack to go or a side dish to serve alongside the main dishes or maybe a sandwich dish.

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This is the queen of shrimp recipes made by the instant pot. Simple shrimp recipe, don’t require to have experience in cooking shrimp in order to prepare it.

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One of the best shrimp recipes that I have personally experimented with over the years. Every time, the end result is a delicious shrimp dish.

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If you need a warm and filling dish to warm every inch of your body during the cold winter months. here’s a delicious soup meal you can make quick with your instant pot.

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This instant pot recipe is proper if you want warm in rain season, with a good blend of spices, you can get a delicious broth.

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Not necessary to grow up in an Indian family to cook Indian food. Instant pot Indian butter shrimp one of the easiest homemade dishes.

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Instant pot Recipes

Instant pot shrimp Jambalaya

Instant pot shrimp jambalaya  If you are a fan of shrimp, then you need to try this instant pot shrimp Jambalaya recipe. It is extremely savory and will certainly satisfy all of your family members.This Instant pot shrimp jambalaya is a recipe which I have...

Instant pot Poached Salmon

instant pot  Poached SalmonThis instant pot poached salmon Fillets recipe for ghee rewards you for being lazy. I wish I could say there was a complicated recipe for this, but it’s really very simple.For all of you who are trying to squeeze into a bikini, this dish of...

Chicken Stew Instant Pot

Chicken stew instant pot one of the recipes that don't have to be an all-day cooking affair. It's a comfort recipe, quick and easy that can take 10 mins and get a warm meal that is perfect for winter. What is Chicken Stew Instant Pot? This chicken soup dish is...


These aren’t your average Tacos! Instant pot tacos, savory, and stuffed with shredded beef, they make a filling dinner to satisfy.Servings 8Ready In: 1hr 30minCalories: 290Good For: DinnerInroduction About Shredded beef tacos RecipeWith chuck roast or round roast and...

Instant Pot Boiled Peanuts

Instant pot BOILED PEANUTSIf you are looking for an easy chicken wings recipe that tastes great and incredibly filling. Instant pot buffalo chicken wings recipe is an easy appetizer that I know you are going to love it.Instant pot boiled peanuts are a southern salty...

Instant Pot Chuck roast recipe

instant pot Chuck roast recipe Instant pot chuck roast recipe is very easy to prepare during a few steps, minimal preparation with simple ingredients. It works for weeknight meals and for special occasions and holiday feasts! If you're keen on chuck roast recipes that...

Instant Pot Spaghetti

instant pot  SpaghettiInstant pot spaghetti- The Delicious and easiest spaghetti recipe ever! Is the best one-pot recipe if you want to get a fast family dinner on the table in 30 minutes.We’ve been cooking Instant Pot Spaghetti for a long time. Especially, when...

Instant pot lamb

instant pot  lambThis instant pot Lamb Ribs and Sauce recipe is a delicious and perfect choice to feast your family on a special occasion.I love to make instant pot lamb recipes, especially during the Easter holidays and sometimes for Sunday dinner or a family holiday...

Instant pot Shrimp Soup

Instant pot Shrimp soupThis instant pot shrimp soup is a great recipe to have in your back pocket whenever you need a quick meal to warm up in the cold weather. If you are looking for the best soup to cozy up this winter! Instant pot shrimp soup is full of healthy...

Instant Pot Brisket Recipe

Could there be anything more comforting than brisket? Instant pot brisket recipe is perfect when all you want is something simple, comforting, and absolutely delicious. In a fraction of time, your Instant Pot really does an amazing job of infusing flavor into the...