This instant pot French fries recipe is perfect for parties, weeknight dinners, appetizers and every time you feel like having a flavorful snack.

WOW…. JUST WOW!!!!!!! Instant pot French fries is one of the simple foods that serve as our daily companions throughout life. As a slice of toast with jam for breakfast. Maybe the sandwich in our lunch box at school. Or a crisp salad with our dinner. But of all the foods we can count on, none is more universal than the French fry.

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The origins of the French fry are lost to history, although it is generally accepted that the fry as we know it came into being in Belgium or northern France sometime in the early nineteenth century. French fries are reliable. They can be counted on as a familiar taste regardless of whatever else might be on the menu. Millions of dollars are spent to ensure the consistency of your favorite fast-food fry.

Which potatoes type is best for Instant Pot French Fries?

Before you choose potatoes for your Instant Pot French Fries recipe, be sure you know the difference between the various types. The best potato for French fries contains high solids and not a lot of water. The sugar content must be just right as well to produce a nice golden color. The flesh of the potato should be textured and full and never waxy. Fortunately, one of the most readily available potatoes, the Russet Burbank, fits these requirements perfectly.

russet burbank the best types of potatoe to make french fries

If you aren’t sure what kind you have, test by slicing. If the knife is coated with a creamy white film or if the potato lightly clings to the knife, the potato is starchy. If it doesn’t, it’s a waxy potato. If it has only a little creamy film, it’s probably a good all-purpose potato, and it should work well in most dishes.

Which oil is best for frying?

Besides the perfect potato type used to instant pot French Fries recipe, the type of oil used for frying has the next biggest effect on the flavor and quality of a French fry. The ideal oil has a high smoke point and does not impart unpleasant flavors to the fry.

The most common oil used in commercial kitchens is generally a vegetable oil derived from soy oil, which is high in polyunsaturated fats. And the most important thing that it has a mild flavor and a high smoke point. Canola oil, pioneered in Canada, is produced from rapeseed and is also very commonly used. Canola oil can have a slightly more noticeable taste and odor when used to fry than peanut oil.

canola oil is the most common used to frying french fries

My personal favorite oil for French fries is refined Canola oil. It will be used as our frying oil for this Instant Pot French Fries Recipe.

What do you need to make French fries in instant pot?

all the ingredients that you need to make french frees in instant pot

Serving Suggestions:

There is no wrong way to eat a French fry, so have fun and experiment. Enjoy!

And here are some different types of recipes available to try:


By using proper cooking techniques, such as maintaining the correct cooking temperature, along with oils that are more heart-healthy, home-cooked French fries can be a treat that we shouldn’t feel guilty about indulging in.



    Ready In:




    Good For:

    Side Dish


    About French Fries


    • 2 large potatoes.

    • 3 tbsp canola or olive oil.

    • 1 tsp salt.

    • 1 tsp black pepper.

    • 1 tsp paprika

    canola oil
    instapot french fries
    Delicious french fries

    Nutrition Fact of FRench Fries

    (Serving Size: 117 g)

    Calories: 365

    Total Fat: 17 g

    Cholesterol: 0 mg

    Sodium: 246 mg

    Potassium: 677 mg

    Carbohydrate: 48 g

    Protein: 4 g

    Step by Step Instructions

    Step 1

    Peel the whole potatoes and cut them with Fry Cutter the range of 1/4 to 1/2-inch-thick fries.

    Step 2

    Put the sliced potatoes in a bowl, add the oil, salt, pepper and toss to coat.

    Step 3

    Place the sliced potato in the CrispLid basket.

    Step 4

    Place the trivet and the cooking basket inside the instant pot inner stainless-steel pot.

    Step 5

    Place the Crisplid lid on the top of the inner pot and plug the Crisplid. (Make sure the Instant Pot stay unplugged)

    Step 6

    Set your instant pot to 375°F and cook for about 10 minutes.

    Step 7

    Flip the fries and cook for another 10 minutes until crisp. (If you like the fries to be crispier more, you can add 5 more minutes to the cooking time.)

    Step 8

    Remove it into a serving plate and serve immediately with your favorite sauce and main dish. Enjoy! 🙂

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