we all love to eat healthier food and at the same time that has the ultimate crunchy and fried feel. The problem is that frequently this food is rich in calories or mess. If you are looking to this, air fryer is the solution. 

So, if you searching for easier, modern and useful appliances to make your cooking time very fun.

The air fryer is the best tool available today in the market!

The air fryer is the best kitchen tool that cooks using rapid air technology. This means that you can cook your meals using the circulation of hot air. It is an exceptional way to cook for so many reasons. It allows you to cook, bake, steam and roast healthier, fast foods and everything you can imagine.

This appliance is a special and revolutionary kitchen tool. It can introduce a lot of options for cooking as already mentioned and at the same time, it can minimize your time cooking. And after a few uses, you’ll discover how this tool is really amazing.


With a little oil and effort, it provides for you, quickly and delicious foods in a healthy way and that what you make it very popular like the instant pot.

There are many reasons that make you switch to this appliance, among the most important are:

  • Replaces other traditional cooking tools:

 Your air fryer can replace all the other ordinary appliances like microwave, fryer… whit this you can get cook what you can imagine without sacrificing flavor or time.

  • Faster than other cooking appliances:

With the rapid-hot air circulation technology, it allows you to be cooked your meals very fast. Also, the cooking times can vary depending on several factors like the size and also the temperature of the cooking.

  • Needs little oil to cook:

    One of the main and important functions for the people who follow the keto diet or any weight loss diet, allows them to eat no foods fat, which means foods with fewer calories and makes the food even tasty at the same time.

ARe air fryer foods healthy? 

One of the things that make so many people all over the world fall in love with this great appliance, is that can cook your foods and meals in a healthier way. 

With the function of the circulation of hot air, you don’t need to search anymore for any cooking methods to make your fried food healthier!

You can get tasty food without a big amount of fats, oil sprays or misters for frying because it can cook the food with only 25 % of the fat and as a result get fewer calories food’s.

How to choose an Air Fryer?

To choose this useful tool, there are a lot of factors to focus on it:

The size: it measured by the quart, so if you need a small machine suited for 2 to 4 members family you should choose the size range from 2.2 to 3. But if you looking for a big machine suited to cook meals feed all the family, you should choose in at least 5 quarts.

As a stats, the 3 to 5 quart is the popular range of air fryer size in the American families kitchens.

The temperature: you’ll want to make assured that the air fryer you want, provide you the right temperature of the cooking way that you wish to cook your meals with them (slow= low temperature, fast= high temperature). Knowing that its temperatures range from 38-204°C.

What are the functions of an Air Fryer?


The majority of air fryers introduce for you a lot of functions to help you prepare anything you want.

These buttons are designed to allow you to change the cooking temperature during cooking with QuickControl dial, Changing the cooking time with setting the timer button, choosing the preset modes and also choosing the keep warm mode at each time. 

How to clean an air fryer?

Regarding the cleaning of this gadget, you’ll need to follow a set of steps after every use:

1- Ensure that your appliance is cool (basket, pan…) by letting the accessories inside it until cool.

2- Remove the pan and basket, clean it in a dishwasher or you can use the hot water and dish soap with letting it soak about 10 min before cleaning with non-abrasive materials.

3-Clean the inside and heating element with a moist cloth.

4- Clean the control panel with a sponge.


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