Instant pot

Instant Pot is a programmable multi-cooker, that is becoming a staple and an indispensable appliance in the kitchens. It is an amazingly useful way to cook your meals, your favorite foods, and modern dishes like chicken marsala, Shredded beef and Japanese fried shrimp. It is characterized by its ability to keeping the ingredients wholesome and as a result, produce healthy and nutritious food.

The instantpot is an all in one appliance that combines the functions of several kitchen tools in one. It can be used as a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice maker, steamer, sauté/browning, yogurt maker, warming pot, sterilizer and more.

Instant Pot is dependable. It can save money, kitchen space, time by speed up your cooking by two to six times and consuming less energy.

In nutshell, instant pot has one mission which is to streamlines the cooking experience of people who have kitchen passion. And that is through offering a unique user interface collecting the latest technologies in one appliance.

Why Instant Pot?

So why use the Instant Pot? We can summarize all the benefits or main reasons for using the instant pot (instantpot) in these following aspects:

  • S   One-pot cooking:

Instant Pot comes with all the most popular function to perform your most common cooking tasks as a:

– Slow cooker

– Pressure cooker

– Rice maker

– Steamer

– Sauté/browning

– Yogurt maker

– Warmer

– Sterilizer

These keys are designed carefully to provide you the most important cooking tasks with the manual setting. And as already mentioned, it will also save your hard-earned money.

They are designed for the following features:

Intelligent Programming: You can cook all kinds of dishes easily because all the functions are programmed based on a lot of experiments and measurements. To the point of it can keep your meal warm even after cooking until you’re ready to eat.

Automatic Cooking: Once you place your food in the instant pot and set the time, it allows for you automated cooking process. There is no need to keep watch while cooking to prevent overcooking.

Meal Planning: There’s also the option for delayed cooking and planning meals, which allows you to plan your meals in advance for up to 24h. Delay function allows you to add the recipe ingredients and leave it to cook at a later time.

  • Keep Food’s Original Flavor, cooking nutritious and healthy:

In terms of flavors, cooking with an Instant Pot by its fully sealed environment enables even heat distribution. As a result, the flavors do not lose and the natural taste stays in the ingredients.

Cooking under pressure can softening the food and traps the nutrients like vitamins, and minerals by steam to avoid dissolved away or lost due to leaching.

  • Pleasant and Safe:

The instant pot comes with a lot of functions that provide you pleasant and at the same time safe.

With all the levels of safety protection like temperature and pressure control, safety valves which do not allow the steam to escape from the pot.

Another amazing benefit of instant pot is that coming with a stainless-steel cooking pot, that allows to not heating up the kitchen in the summertime and not having smells permeate throughout your house.

  • Saves time, energy and money:

Firstly, based on estimates, the instant pot can cook food and saves you up to 70% of the cooking time. That allows you to enjoy home-cooking even if your day was busy.

This cooker considered one of the greenest kitchen appliances that are cooking faster with less energy. It is highly energy-efficient which can save up to 70% of energy.

The instant pot summarizes and combines the functions of a lot of tools and devices in one appliance. It’s a worthwhile investment that allows you to save money and do not spend it on all other tools individually.




Best recipes to cook with your instant pot

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Instant pot creamy shrimp soup


Instant pot Avocado and shrimp salad


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