Air Fryer S’mores are a tasty and simple treat to prepare whenever you’re in the mood for something sweet. This traditional treat is enjoyable any time and making them in an air fryer is the best!

There is something unique about the summer season and S’mores. They are not just delicious, but are also a lot of fun to make and anyone can be involved in making them. I loved going to the backyard with my family, my dad would start a fire and we would cook S’mores, then sit around and talk about our day.

Air fryer s'mores today's menu

S’mores made with air fryers are the most enjoyable way to enjoy smores. It’s so easy and delicious. No campfire is required. Smores cooked in an air fryer give perfect air-fried marshmallows that are toasty and golden brown. It’s my absolute favorite recipe that I love to cook in my air fryer!

If you’ve never had S’mores cooked using an air fryer then you’re not aware of what you’ve been missing! You can now enjoy these tasty treats at any time of the year!

Now, all you will need is your air fryer, So, let’s share how to make air fryer s’mores.

What is S’mores Short For?

S’mores is simply an abbreviation for some and more. Once you’ve had one you’ll want more of this hot, gooey mix of chocolate and marshmallow.

Why make S’mores in air fryer?

It’s so simple. There’s no need to wait for a grill season or barbecue, no open fire is required, only the air fryer.

Air fryer marshmallows become golden brown and crisp on the outside, gooey and soft inside. Ideal to make Smores!

This makes a wonderful individual dessert. You can create the amount you like. It is perfect for a sweet fix that requires a little portion control.

By adding chocolate pieces to the smores cooked in the air fryer makes the chocolate perfectly melting and soft. There is no more fumbling to find hard chocolate for the smores sandwich!

Kids eat Air fryer s'mores

Why We Love this Recipe?

Make a small batch of S’mores or in bulk in only a few minutes with this simple air fryer recipe.

They are quick and simple to put assemble. They’re sure to be a hit at your next event.

This is a delicious recipe that can be cooked to serve at a kids’ party or an evening potluck. Make it with colored marshmallows, such as pink or multicolored to add a splash of color to the theme of the party.

What Type of Chocolate to Use For S’mores ?

The great thing about this recipe is that it allows you to make it as unique as you’d like. Use classic Hershey’s milk chocolate bars, however, don’t shy away from trying new things. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, other thinner candy bars or slather on Nutella in replace of chocolate, all this is so yummy!

WHAT did YOU need TO MAKE Air Fryer S’MORES?

The process of making Air Fryer S’mores could not be simpler and just takes a few minutes with just a couple of ingredients. If you have children, chances are you’ve got these ingredients in your pantry to snack on or have a bag of chocolate bars to take on those stressful days.

Here are the ingredients i use:

  • Graham biscuits or crackers: I used digestive biscuits, which is the preferred choice for S’mores. But You can also make them with any other sweet biscuit, like Marie tea biscuits or similar.
  • Chocolate bars: Personally, I prefer the bars of classic milk chocolate like Hershey’s, Galaxy or Cadbury. It is also possible to use dark chocolate if you prefer. Two pieces per s’more if they are smaller like mine, or one per s’more if they’re larger.
  • Marshmallows: Similar to what they do for campfire S’mores! Go for the classic, regular-sized white marshmallows.

These ingredients come in diverse flavors that you could mix them up to create amazing mixtures.

The Air Fryer S’mores are ideal for an evening sleepover or birthday celebration. You can set some of the ingredients and let the kids create their own dessert.

The recipe will eliminate two items off your list for you: an activity for kids and a snack. The kids will be thrilled to make and eat these.


It’s extremely easy for you to create these air fryer s’mores! You can cook just one s’more or as many as you can fit into your air fryer in one go!

First, you’ll grab a few graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate bars and break them each into halves.

Place the graham crackers halves into the basket in your air-fryer. Put the marshmallow halves on top with their sticky sides down on top of the Graham crackers. That way, the marshmallows stay on the graham crackers and will not disappear during the baking process.

Air fry at 370°F for about 2-5 minutes, based on the air fryer you use. Be sure to check the basket regularly to ensure you’ve got lighter golden brown marshmallows.

When the marshmallows are done, quickly and carefully remove the baskets from the fryer. Then immediately, place your chocolate bar halves on top the marshmallows and top it with the remaining Graham cracker halves.

Serve immediately and Enjoy!.


Can I Cook S’mores in Oven if I Don’t Have Air Fryer?

Yes! You can make them in the oven if you do not have an air fryer. Be sure to utilize aluminum foil to stop drips in your oven.

What Size Marshmallows Are Best for Air Fryer S’mores?

I purchase large-sized marshmallows. I have found that smaller marshmallows are more difficult to hold on and place on top of the Graham crackers.

You can now purchase marshmallows with chocolate inside. I was watching a commercial featuring these. They’re meant to be used in S’mores. I’m looking forward to giving them a shot.

How to store?

This is a delicious dessert recipe that takes only five minutes to prepare! I suggest making only the amount you require and then storing the rest of the ingredients to make later.

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Air fryer s'mores

Air fryer s'mores

Let us show you how to cook S'mores using the air fryer. The most popular summertime snack can be a dessert you prepare all year long!
prep time
2 min
cooking time
4 min
total time
6 min


  • Air Fryer


  • 4 graham crackers break in halves

  • 2 chocolate bars

  • 2 marshmallows break in halves




Place the halves of Graham crackers in the bottom of your air fryer.


Break the marshmallows into halve and put the sticky side down on top of each graham cracker half.


Air fry for 2-5 minutes at 370°F. Check to make sure you've got lighter golden-brown marshmallows. Once they've done, quickly and carefully remove the baskets from the air fryer.


Once done, place the pieces of chocolate on top of the marshmallows and top it with the remaining Graham cracker halves. Serve immediately and enjoy!


  • Cooking time for the whole meal will vary dependent on the air fryer's dimensions and the model. Make sure to check on the s'mores after approximately 3 minutes.
  • Think about changing things up with different flavors of marshmallows, such as flavored Graham crackers and swapping chocolate bars with different chocolate, or even Reese's cups.
  • Break the marshmallows into halves and put them with their sticky sides down on the graham cracker. This allows them to stick to the cracker when cooking and prevents them from blowing out or bouncing around in the air fryer.
  • This recipe is written for 4 s'mores. However, the recipe can be made as few or as many as you like!