instant pot hard boiled eggs

Instant Pot Hard Boiled Eggs are the best and only method to make perfect hard-boiled eggs. Eggs are cooked perfectly every single time!

As many of you, I gave up on discovering a method that was guaranteed to work for creating consistently flawless hard-boiled eggs a while ago. After trying too numerous “foolproof” tricks with spotty results, I put eggs that are easy to peel into the same class as unicorns and cheap flights It’s nice to imagine however, if they were really real, we’d heard of it in the past.

For me, the thing that was different was my instant pot, and an unorthodox suggestion from a friend that I use it to make some eggs. The dream came back to life.

I instantly fell in love with these simple peel eggs. While boiling eggs over the stove is easy I like the fact that Instant Pot makes this process incredibly hands-free.

Hard-boiled eggs are a staple in meal preparation, ideal for quick breakfasts or snack foods that are high in protein. The perfect cooked hardboiled eggs are essential for egg salad and deviled eggs.


  • Instant Pot hard-boiled eggs peel off so effortlessly.
  • This recipe is simple and hands-free. It’s not necessary to keep an eye on an oven or a stove.
  • Once you’ve determined the cooking time needed to cook the perfect hard-boiled eggs cooking them in your Instant Pot is a cinch. They’ll be cooked exactly how you like each time.

instant pot hard boiled eggs

instant pot hard boiled eggs

The hard-boiled eggs will now come perfectly every time you use your instant pot! The only thing you have to do is 3-7 minutes! That's it!
prep time
1 min
cooking time
5 mins
total time
15 mins


  • Instant Pot


  • 12 eggs

  • 1 cup water



Let's start

Pour water into the 6 qt Instant Pot. Put the trivet into the pot. Add eggs gently on top of the trivet.

And now!

Choose the manual setting, adjust the pressure to high and set the timer for 3-7 minutes. After cooking is complete release pressure quickly according to the instructions of the manufacturer.


Cool eggs in ice water for one minute. Remove and wash them.


  • It is possible to use as little as one egg, and up to 16 eggs inside a six-quart pressure cooker.
  • To prevent the eggs from breaking during cooking, allow your eggs to be at room temperature prior to the pressure cooking.
  • Make sure you make use cold, warm or hot water as it will alter the cooking duration.